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We advocate for our fellow trail riders, seeking open forests and cooperation with authorities.


Vote to support for ongoing access to the Newnes and Ben Bullen State Forests for single track trail bike riding!

The recent proposal to convert the above mentioned forests to eco-tourism through NPWS management via a State Conservation Area and National Park may follow other instances where all trail biking riding is banned. This area has been used by the general public for many decades and is a hub for longwall coal mining and above ground sand mining. The hardwood forests have been extensively logged and the pine plantations have been stripped and left barren. The Newnes Plateau is a haven for the trail bike and enduro riders and is the last locale of supreme riding experience within 1.5 hours drive from Sydney. The Motorcycle Council of NSW supports our riders who we are fully registered, licenced and insured. Unfortunately these riders are inappropriately tarred with a criminal brush due to those who ride unlicensed and unregistered. Trail bike riding is the only recreational activity deemed and promoted as inappropriate to the general public, yet causes far less damage to the environment than perceived. We are not young hooligans! We have active riders aged 70 and over and the average age of our riders is mid 40’s! We are socially, environmentally and culturally aware. Riding is for us is about health and well-being, stress management and love for the bush.

Riders have actively worked with Forestry Corporation and Local Land Service teams to manage the swamps and creeks, and are happy to continue that work and provide further management of our trails to ensure that environmental and cultural impacts are minimised and are sustainable for future use. Shutting us down as a legitimate activity will shortly extend to all other public forests following Newnes and Ben Bullen, and the effects are widespread. From the individual issues relating to health and well-being, through to the reduction in tourism and ultimately the effect it will have on the sales of trail bikes – it is a recreational activity worth hundreds of $M per year!

The Motorcycle Council of NSW’s Trail & Adventure Riders sub-committee is working hard to ensure our continued existence but now we need YOU to cast your vote in support of our legitimate right to ride single track trails in publicly owned forests.


How many more?

We are losing riding areas faster than ever and the recent loss of the Newnes Plateau has highlighted how disjointed we are as participants in our favourite activity. 

Trail riders haven’t had any representation so the MCC is now taking the lead and has established this website and a Facebook page.  We have an active sub-committee dedicated to making trail riding a legitimate lifestyle activity and you can support us by being a part of MCC of NSW and being an active participant to help us secure our right to ride.

Unlike other States, NSW doesn’t have a trail and adventure riding strategy so we are working with Outdoors NSW & ACT to prepare a Discussion Paper that will highlight the issues that need to be addressed. The Discussion Paper will allow us to engage with the other stakeholders, such as the land managers, NPWS, Forestry Corp and Crown Land.  It is important that we engage with the land managers if we are to retain access to areas to ride.

Protect the ride you love

The MCC of NSW needs you to help preserve the rights of trail bike riders and access to areas for riders of registered trail bikes.

It’s FREE for your trail bike club or ride group to join!


Phone: 1300 679 622

Download the brochure >> HERE

Is there an electric/battery trail bike in your future? Then you tell us what you want!

Fill out our electric trail/enduro bike survey

Electric bikes have been around for a while but not really set our sport alight, maybe because they aren’t quite right to suit our purpose yet. What we here at the MCC of NSW want to find out is what YOU want out of an electric/battery bike.  We reckon that the manufacturers should be putting together something that does what we need, not what they think we need.  So here’s your chance to put forward your list of what is essential.  After all, we’re going to be forced this way in the not too distant future so let’s make sure that future is the one we want.

Recreational trail bike rider survey results

Thanks for responding to the trail bike survey. Over 2,400 riders responded, a fantastic result. We would like to share a presentation of the results on the MCC of NSW website here.

This presentation was prepared by Outdoors NSW & ACT and funded by the NSW Office of Sport. We are working with them to develop a strategy based on the results of the survey to establish trail riding as a legitimate & sustainable recreational activity so we can enjoy trail riding well into the future.


You told us in the survey that you wanted representation for our sport in NSW, so now it’s up to you to do your bit to help us help you. Please consider joining the MCC of NSW Trail Bike Riders Facebook page here so we can keep you up to date with what’s happening and for you to provide feedback to us.

Advocating for Trail Riders,
Our Values

We value our right to ride legally on Crown Land and support the rights of all land users and the public.  We are at your service and we will promote and defend our rights as legally permitted holders of riding licences and using fully registered trail bikes . Your concerns about trail riding issues are our concerns.

Currently we are working with various local representatives of the Local Land Services and Forestry Corp to provide alternate trail routes around sensitive areas in order to both protect the environment yet retain our access to existing trails.

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MCCNSW does not receive any Government support to help fund its work.

Anyone can become an MCCNSW Associate Member. Your support will help us represent road, dirt, track and farm riders; men, women and children; motorcycle, scooter, trike and quad riders. Riders just like you. MCCNSW Associate Members can make a huge difference to the rights and safety of all motorcyclists, by highlighting the issues that affect them.

Associate Members are invited and encouraged to attend monthly meetings to raise issues and hear first hand what is being done to improve motorcycling.


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