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Being a Responsible & Considerate rider is possible!

Why do riders do dumb things that annoy others? It’s all about ego and misconception.

At a recent event a large group of die-hard riders, mechanics, press types and their families were assembled briefly just outside of a small town. These people love their bikes; the sound, smell, taste and look of them. But each and every one of them wanted to kill the idiot on the motocrosser doing laps just 80 metres away. With thousands of hectares of scrub stretching out in every direction, this bloke chose to ride flat-out right there, drowning out conversations and dusting the entire mob. Why’d he do it? Ego!

You could imagine what he was thinking. A big crowd of bike enthusiasts, they’d love to see a show with him as the star. But he hadn’t thought it through. These people were there to do a job. Crews needed to communicate quickly and clearly with riders, mechanics needed to keep components and tools clean and free of dust, and the press wanted clear shots of competitors, not of some wally tearing up the powder. Without exception, everyone in the group wanted him to just go away, while some likely had more sinster thoughts.

When it comes right down to it, most instances of riders annoying the general public fall into to this same scenario. Wally riders just don’t think things through from another’s perspective.

Cause and Effect

Here’s a list of all-too-common Carpark Racer moments. Most of us have had them, some still do, but a little thought will prevent future occurrences.

Attention through Noise Type One

Carpark Racer thinks everyone will be impressed if he gives his bike the berries in the car park on start-up. All and sundry turn to look, so Carpark Racer thinks he’s done good, but all and sundry want his engine dead so they can go back to their discussion, bird watching, reading or sleeping.

Attention through Noise Type Two

A heavy hand on the throttle while traversing camping areas or towns will also draw attention, but the startled-rabbit look is never good in spectators, nor is the rack-off-Carpark Racer look which quickly follows.

Attention through Skids

Power or brake slides, it matters little. Carpark Racer thinks a little sideways action will impress those near at hand but doesn’t factor in things like dust, flying stones and sudden increases in noise, and the perception by others that Wal’s out of control and they‘d better find cover. Throwing grit in the picnic sangers is no way to make new friends.

Attention through Wheelies

You’ve gotta love a good wheelie, but surprisingly, only other riders appreciate the skill required. Popping the front up through town will send mothers clutching for their children, and the bloke with the shiny new ute parked up the road crossing his fingers. He knows if you’re dumb enough to pull stunts in town, you’re dumb enough to hit things including his new ute.

Attention through Speed

Carpark Racer thinks the bush walkers ahead will be impressed by a turn of speed as he goes by, but it just isn’t so. Noise, dust and danger isn’t what your average bush walker or other bush user was looking forward to when they planned their day in the bush, so don’t be surprised if they get a little verbal voicing their dissatisfaction.

Attention through Foul Language

After a blinder ride, Carpark Racer returns to the trailer and expresses his satisfaction at full volume by stringing together as many four-letter words as he can and repeating many along the way. Everyone in the vicinity gets the message, including the families with their children.

Attention through Exploration

That steep hill next to the picnic area is just the spot for Carpark Racer to display his riding skills, but as well as the noise and the dust, no one likes to see the bush torn up. An ability to stay on the tracks is one to be proud of.

Attention through Misadventure

The need to impress others usually stems from a lack of ability matched to an unbridled ego, which is a brilliant recipe for disaster. Carpark Racer is known in most of the Emergency wards in the country because he’s fallen off every time he’s shown off. If you want to finish the day unscathed, never ever pull a stunt when someone or everyone is watching; it will always go wrong.

The Way

The most impressive rider is the one who is always there, never causes problems, doesn’t break his bike or his body, and makes friends out of everyone he meets. He helps others in the group, keeps an eye on less experienced riders in nasty going, and is quick to lend a hand when it’s dark and cold, and things have gone seriously wrong. And no matter what happens, he stays happy.

Above all, he doesn’t make a move without considering the impact his actions will have on other people including his riding buddies and other people enjoying the bush. We all know riders like this, and we should all aspire to be just like them! Needless to say he doesn’t think much of Carpark Racers. 

Number 1 Rule... Don't be a d*ck!