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The Ride Group Briefing

Before the start of every ride, the Lead Rider should hold a briefing for all riders so that they know the rules of the ride.  The rules are in place to ensure the ride proceeds without incident and in the case where a problem occurs, all riders know the correct procedures to follow.  This is absolutely essential so that know one gets lost. We want you to have  a great time and get back to the start safely.

The briefing will cover a couple of areas concerning safety, communications and procession rules, that is how the riders will be able to stay as a group.  There are several methods to achieving this but the main one for larger groups especially is the Cornerman System.

In general the briefing covers:

  • The ride destination and planned route.
  • Specific and general hazards, risks, and precautions; remind the group that trail bike riding is a potentially dangerous activity for riders and other forest users and should be undertaken with consideration of this fact.
  • Remind everyone about appropriate speeds & throttle control on ‘transport’ sections and near public use areas and inform the group where and when to expect picnickers etc.
  • Identify any other rider/s within the group with local knowledge of the ride route/area.
  • Specify the radio channel to be used and everyone with a radio.
  • The required fuel range and re-fuel arrangements if relevant.
  • Water & food.
  • Spares & appropriate tools.
  • Money for fuel & food if necessary.
  • Licence & registration.
  • What to do if you are separated from the group (get lost).

If it’s possible, buddy up with another rider so that you can keep track of each other and please identify any issues that you may see/experience during the ride to the ride Leader.