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You love to ride and you have a bike so load up and get out there right?  Just hold on a minute because you could be in for a world of pocket pain…

If you have done the right thing and got a fully registered bike that is insured and you are licenced to ride it then even if you don’t have blinkers or mirrors you are not likely to have the Police giving you grief.  But if you just bought the latest MX’er and think you can head to your local forest and blast away you are very, very wrong. There is a huge range of fines and penalties for riding an unregistered bike, or one without a CTP or if you are not licenced.  Want to see what they are?  Click HERE

Of course this makes life difficult if you just bought your kids a PeeWee and don’t have a backyard.  That’s because the only place you can ride an unregistered bike or allow an unlicenced rider to ride is on Private Property.  Think, private land, bike parks, club tracks.

Fortunately there are plenty of clubs and bike parks around.  Just do a web search for something in your local area or plan for a weekend away at one of the NSW regional parks.

But there’s more to it than the Police fines…

There are legal liability issues arising if someone gets hurt.  See HERE for more info on that.

And then what about using a aftermarket pipe that is louder than ADR’s allow?  Read on

Lastly, you can’t just ride through/over a fence because there looks like some nice rideable trails over there.  It’s called Trespass

There’s an awful lot of places to ride if you do the right thing so think about that when you buy your dirt bike.  Ride safe. Ride legal!

Where can I go?

Riding Locations

Here’s a quick ready-reckoner to give you an idea of if you are going to do it right, or wrong.

  Location No Rego/No Licence Rego & Licence
  Sealed and unsealed roads
  Formed/defined tracks and trails on public land
  Public land off existing roads, tracks or trails
  Public reserves, sports fields, footpaths etc
  Private property
  Commercial tracks/circuits