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My kids want to ride!

Unfortunate as it is, kids are lumped under the same protocols as unlicenced riders, ie they can’t use roads, trails or forests in the same way as licenced riders can.  There are no LGA assigned locations for kids to ride other than private property. This means that you have to take your kids to a bike park or join a club to use their facilities, and that might not be a bad thing.

Bike Parks

Most bike parks cater to kids, even those kids that are barely able to walk let alone ride. They have dedicated areas where youth and adults are banned from riding but parents can supervise their children.  These parks do not have formal rider education programs and are pretty much free-for-all albeit around designated tracks.  The kids are generally permitted on the multi-use trails as long as a supervisor is in attendance.  Cost is normally only a day-to-day basis so be prepared to pay around $30/day for your little star to ride.


Junior riding Clubs are well structured to cater for kids from brand new riders through to youth racing and have their own premises for that purpose.  It can cost to be a club member but the benefits can outweigh those costs.

If you want more info where you can take your kids to ride, have a look HERE…

The Future

The Recreational Trail Bike Riders sub-committee is working on lobbying various Local Government Areas as well as other bodies to try to accommodate junior and unlicenced riders