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Gardens of Stone/Newnes plateau – update!

Hello friends and supporters. We have an update on the status of access to Newnes – it is certainly not resolved as yet so riding can continue until we know better, but that may not be the case in the future so if you see anything happening up there with regard to closure signage, fencing, new gates, etc please let us know asap!

Here’s what we have done so far and what is coming up next…

This week we meet with Local Land Services with whom we have an excellent working relationship, the aim to collect some background information on the situation behind the decision to move the plateau into the Gardens of Stone National Park and a new State Conservation Area. We have also gathered supplementary information relating to how the other invested parties operate on the plateau and other NPWS documentation that we feel can support our case to continue riding single track. We will be meeting the NPWS representative in the coming week to gain a better insight into what might or might not be the potential for us. We are also endeavouring to open dialog with the Aboriginal custodians of the land to better understand their position with regard to single track and the effect or otherwise on potential heritage sites.

At this time the Bill to pass the most of the plateau into the Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area has gone through but there is a lot of consultation to be had before any work is to commence – we are aiming to be part of that consultation process. Be aware that this process will take considerable time, possibly years, even so we will keep you up to date.

From here we will be working to clarify the reality of single track existence (which we know is much less damaging than the perception) and reassuring that the MCC of NSW is advocating the continued access for registered, licenced and insured riding. We do not have solutions yet but have certainly taken all your suggestions on board and eventually we will be able to formulate a response once we have a better understanding of the actual situation.

Stay tuned!
MCC of NSW Trailriders Committee.