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If you want someone to get things done, then it’s best if you have passionate supporters on your side, especially if they know exactly what the situation is.

We’re riders and have been faced with exactly the same problems you have, and we’re doing something about it!

We are working with land managers to reduce the environmental impacts of trail riding so as to preserve trails for the future. In doing this we will develop a NSW Trail Bike strategic plan with input from riders and stakeholders such as NSW Police , Forestry Corp, Local Lands Service and the Office of Sport to enable trail management and a long-term partnership into the future.

Our Mission

With thousands of NSW Trail Bike Riders, there is a need for a Peak Body to represent their concerns about access to riding areas.  Our aim is to take those concerns to the relevant bodies in order to create a viable relationship that ensures the future of trail riding.


Meet the Committee


Bob Madell


Brian Wood

Committee Members:

Adrian Bois
Bradley Boyling
Christian Gibson
Glenn Alderton
Hugh Robinson
Michael Piestrzynski
Paul Seymour
PJ Collins
Steve Donkers
Tim Chadwick-Cocks
Tim Clarke
Daniel Labas
Stephen Hopper

Outdoors NSW & ACT , MCC NSW, FCAI Trail Bike Sub-Committee Charter – to develop a 3 year NSW Trail Bike Strategic Plan

Committee Members

Martin Burney – Current president of ONSWACT, a voluntary position. I have a signifcant background in outdoor education and Risk management . I have managed the risk of outdoor programs in Victoria , Malaysia , QLD and NSW. I have a good understanding of the sector and the impact of motorcycles. I have a strong history of lobbying for access of outdoor pursuits and providing evidence for this community need.

Colin Robinson – Colin is employed by the Office of Sport as an Executive Director, Northern Region. I have a strong understanding of state government systems and the outdoor industry as someone who manages a region in NSW for the Office of Sport NSW.

Lori Modde – CEO of Outdoors NSW ACT and will be guiding the sub-committee and assisting with the action plan. I have a Marketing / operation of Associations, State government and local government experience.. A large potential area of opportunity is local government and aligning with greater Outdoors NSW ACT activities to capitalize on existing and growing partnerships.

Brian Wood – rider for 50 years – road and dirt. I have been a delegate to Motorcycle NSW for 20 years. Whilst the Motorcycle Council is mainly a on road focus , we have always had a dirt bike interest as well , we have reignited the Trail Bike sub-committee this year and aim to develop a NSW strategic plan.

Rhys Griffiths – Australian Motorcycle Manager of the FCAI, Federal  Chamber of Automotive Industries, I represent  motorcycle manufacturers. I am a  lifetime rider, transitioned from road to dirt in the 90’s after a successful career in superbike racing and working for Honda Australia. I completed the Finke Desert race plus other adventure bike rides including Canning stock route. I worked with Roger Pitt, a trail bike researcher  at Federal level. I have extensive knowledge of the Victorian Trail Bike areas and the Rec Rego system, I am based in Victoria.