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Old Convict Road access at Paynes Crossing


The Motorcycle Council of NSW has been contacted about the legality of using Old Convict Road at Paynes Crossing.

The MCC has visited the area and also spoken to Singleton Council and the National Parks and Wildlife ranger responsible for Yengo National Park.

Attached is a series of maps of the eastern end of Old Convict Road where there is ‘on paper’ a road reserve that would give access to Wollombi Road. While Google maps show that the road reserve is relatively open, it is now very much overgrown, see attached photo taken on 28th January. There is about a 10 metre almost vertical drop down to Wollombi Brook so you can’t even walk across let alone ride.

These maps show the track continuing onto Stockyard Creek Road but this section is across private property and there are signs on this gate to that effect.

Old Convict Road can be accessed at the western end from the Putty Road. However, the road doesn’t quite follow the road reserve so be careful not to stray off the formed track.

It should be noted that Old Convict Road may not be passable as it is possible creek crossing are washed away or there are fallen trees. You also need to respect the needs of private property on either side of the road by closing gates and not adversely disturbing stock and horses.

If you access Old Convict Road from the Putty Road you have to come back out the way you went in as there is no way out at Paynes Crossing and the only trails off Old Convict Road, North Link Trail and South Link Trail, have locked gates.

If you want to cross from the Putty Road to Paynes Crossing/ Wollombi / Laguna or the reverse, this can be done using Howes Trail to Finchley Lookout and then Yango Creek Road to the Great Northern Road at Laguna. See the National Parks and Wildlife map on their website under 4WD touring routes.

You can also follow this route by using Google Maps by searching for Howes Trail, then follow it to the Yango Track, Finchley Track and then Yango Creek Road to the Great Northern Road.

Map showing Old Convict Road coming out at Gunnadoo on Wollombi Road. The track continues south to Stockyards Creek Road but this is across private property.


Sign on the gate at Stockyard Creek Road.

How ‘on paper’ you could get from Old Convict Road across to Wollombi Road using the road reserve however it is overgrown and there is a steep embankment.

The gate on Wollombi Road accessing the road reserve. Very much overgrown since this was taken.


The gate on the road reserve as it was on 28th January 2021.

The gate on Putty Road accessing Old Convict Road.

The Putty Road end (western end) of Old Convict Road.

The topographic map at the Putty Road end shows Old Convict Road doesn’t quite follow the road reserve.