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Electric Trail/Enduro Bike Survey Results

Electric Trail/Enduro Bike Survey Results

Here are some of the preliminary results from our electric trail/enduro bike survey. These are your results, not ours so feel free to make of them as you wish. I have posted a bit of commentary following each question.

Up to to 250cc 4 stroke4.3%
Up to to 350cc 4 stroke/250cc 2 stroke23.9%
Up to to 450cc 4 stroke/300cc 2 stroke56.2%
Over 450cc 4 stroke15.2%

Comment:  Seems pretty clear that riders are after the same level of performance as their current bike with the bulk being either a 250/300 2T or 350/50 4T.


Comment: All the electric bikes on the market now have some sort of adjustability for power and it is just a matter of a button push. This could effectively remove the need for multiple versions of bikes as one power plant could deliver multiple power outputs for HP and torque. Also consider traction control, ABS and other rear wheel control options….

60kms/2hr of riding6.5%
90kms/3hr of riding39.1%
More than 100kms/4hr of riding54.3%

Comment: Overwhelmingly we want at least 90kms or 3 hours of ride time with most wanting more.

No extra weight and even less would be better52.9%
Same weight41.2%

Comment: Our current bikes are light and we want that to continue. It’s not the “ride” weight” that is key here, it’s the stationary weight. Lifting a dirt bike is a pretty common occurrence.


Comment: Pretty even with this one. The clutch is a pretty important controller for adjusting torque to the wheel hence maximising traction and for popping slow wheelies (logs, jumps/hops, easing the spin on slippery stuff, etc) but it’s not seen on electric enduro bikes. I’d be interested to see how it goes in tight, technical terrain.


Comment: No brainer really. We need them registered to ride in the bush.


Comment: Warranties on current trail/enduro bikes is virtually non-existent, and for the money we pay that is not acceptable in my book. This result is an overwhelming yes! Combine it with the following question on length of warranty and 75% of repondents want 3 years or more.


Comment: Current trail/enduro bikes are the evolution of need and are designed to do a job.  Incremental changes to suspension and power delivery improve the breed so anything less than that would be reducing our ability to ride the same way that we currently do. If it looks like a proper dirt bike it does so for a reason.