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Ben Bullen SF Update

A recent meeting with the MCC of NSW representative, Local Land Services, Forestry Corp and the Lithgow Environment Group was conducted to work out a way to protect Long Swamp from further damage.

With the loss of the only viable access bridge across the Cox’s River headwaters during the 2020 fires meant 4×4’s and bike riders have been transiting the swamp to reach the southern side. Clearly the damage this is causing to a very historic and endangered swamp area is not ideal so the meeting was an opportunity for us to work out just where in the “plan” us riders fit.

The new bridge is a long-term project so an alternate route has been determined that will provided a much better route for both 4×4’s and bikes and the current crossing near what was once the bridge will be blocked. Currently the suggested site is covered by water to a depth of 20cm but it will be lifted and leveled.  This should eliminate any need to go off-trail.

FYI Ben Bullen SF is currently closed so be aware that you should not be riding in there in any case. While this project is rolling out there is expected to be increased ranger and police presences. The entry gate is sign-posted as no entry so please obey them.  The risk is a fine around $2000…