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2011 SA Motorcycling report for recreational trail riding


Please see the Motorcycling Queensland initated report attached or management of trail bike riding from 2007

The SA Motorcycling strategic plan brief was:

“For the purposes of this strategy the focus will be on the recreational aspects of off road motorcycling and only includes two wheeled motorcycles. Recreational riding opportunities and facilities are the focus of this strategy. There are three main types of off road motorcycling Off Road Recreational (Trail) Riding, Adventure Riding and Motocross including Mini Bikes. “

The major issue facing off road motorcyclists in South Australia is the lack of legitimate areas to ride. In SA the main access to riding areas is through membership of affiliated clubs to Motorcycling SA and some private ride parks and rural properties. With the exception of a small number of club based and private off road parks, which mainly suits unregistered motorcycles, and the public road network, which is not adequate for off road motorcycling, there are no areas purposely set aside for this activity.

The strategies and actions identified to address these issues have been included under four key strategic areas and are outlined here:


Develop a series of ‘on road’ (formed gravel) trails for adventure riding throughout South Australia

Develop and enhance off road ride parks.
Obtain access to forest areas for more dynamic riding experiences.

Develop initiatives and tools to improve access to off road motorcycling facilities, venues and areas.

Increase awareness, safety and education for responsible rider behaviour. Educate riders to conduct their activities legally and responsibly.

Establish a governance and management structure to implement the Strategy.

Encourage the inclusion of off road facility development in government long term planning.

Discourage illegitimate off road motorcycling riding.
Advocate for additional funding to implement the Strategy. Minimise impacts on the environment from off road motorcycling.

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